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Annie Oakley
The Yardville Inn has been around quite a long time and has been known by many names. The actual date the structure was built has been lost to history, but the earliest records mentioning its existence date from the year 1799. At one point in time, the establishment was dubbed The Inn at Sand Hills, alluding to a local region. At the time the black and white picture on the home page was taken, it was labeled the Yardville Roadhouse. Later it was referred to as the Old Yardville Inn. In the early 1900s, it began to be called the Yardville Hotel, as the building contained multiple rooms available for charter. We no longer rent rooms for the night, so we have dispensed with “Hotel”, and now conduct business as Yardville Inn Wine, Spirits, Restaurant & Tavern.


The Yardville Inn has a rich history teeming with visits of iconic Americans. Annie Oakley and Buffalo Bill once frequented the establishment while on their touring circuit around the States. Oakley organized shooting contests in the field behind the building; obviously, she took first prize.

The wife of Lord Francis Hope, actress May Yohé of ‘Hope Diamond’ fame, stayed upstairs during the late 1800s. It is rumored that Yohé had various lovers visit her during her sojourn. Yardville Inn was the local stopover for the Stage Coach during the 1700s through the 1800s. In 1951, ten enterprising and community-minded men met here. Over beers, the men developed an athletic program for Hamilton’s youth titled the Hamilton Babe Ruth Baseball League.

May Yohe



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